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In the early summer of 1998, a violent underground wrestling promotion with hard-edged characters, storylines and over-the-top hardcore action went from a well-kept local secret to a pop culture sensation almost overnight. Emerging from the vision of one young entrepreneur; J-Smooth helped put “extreme wrestling” on the map by constantly pushing the envelope of fan expectation. Never resting on his laurels, Smooth set out to make every event bigger, badder, more dangerous and controversial than the last. And he delivered. Every time.

To list every titan of the sport who stood center ring in the HARDCORECITY Arena would be a thankless task but some of the biggest names in hardcore wrestling were born in HEW and that is far from hyperbole. As the years melt into decades and the memories transform into legends, that secret once well-kept stirs one final time.

Some of those same titans, those same legends find themselves drawn back to that old arena for one last stand.

All for different reasons, all with the same intent: to push that envelope of expectation, to take J-Smooth’s vision further and to the brink once more...

To put on one last event ...

One final time...

The biggest, the baddest, the most dangerous and certainly the MOST controversial.

One final time to run the Barbed Wire Gauntlet.

One final stand for Hardcore Extreme Wrestling and the fans who loved it!

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"Step up, one last time ... to get PUT DOWN!"

- Havoc

"I worked there?"

- Kevin "K-9" Watson

"HEW reunion show? Don't fuck it up."

- Eli Flair

"Welcome to Stalker's World!"

- Stalker

"No, really ... did I work there?"

- Kevin "K-9" Watson

"Hardcore City? Really? Jesus fucking christ, that's scraping the bottom of the amnesia pile. No, I'm only half serious. I dunno, it was just a little dump of a place that should've been forgotten like a thousand other failed promotions exactly like it. The fact that it's eighteen years later and you motherfuckers are still talkin' about it says more than anything I could probably give you as a quote. But this is where I met Sean. This is where the world was introduced to Zero. To Havoc- I'm sorry, to HaVoC. The boys went to Greensboro or Philly or Seattle to make money, but they went to Hardcore City to cut their teeth and prove that they were the real deal. One last hurrah? I'm down for it, but I hope the boys realize what this means. There are no participation trophies here. There's no good natured applause because you're doing your best and your heart's in the right place. You wanna show Hardcore City what it meant to you, you'd best bring your A-game, because ninety nine percent just isn't fucking good enough."

- 'Poison' Ivy McGinnis

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